Nilavarai Bottomless Well

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Puttur Road Northern Province LK

The Nilavarai Well is popular attraction in Jaffna lying in Nilaavarai in the Navakkiri GS area of Valikaamam East division. Some times referred to as a bottomless well or Deep Well, this well is caused by collapse of the top layer, exposing a limestone cavern connected to a underground water source. It is said that this well never dries up even during severe drought and the water is used by the farmers in the surrounding area.

One of the religious pond dated backs to centuries old and some stories relate this with Indian epic Ramayana period. Lord Shiva temple can be seen next to this and the water cutting ceremony is celebrated once in a year at this pond. Before the war, water from this pond was used for thousands of acres of agriculture land and still we can see the decades old canals built for that purpose.

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Nilavarai Bottomless Well.jpg 1 year ago
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