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Jaffna town-After the independence from Britain in 1948, Jaffna town was ranked as the second largest town next to Colombo. Due to the three decades old civil war, the town was torn apart and now in the process of emerging as phoenix. Jaffna is the cultural capital of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the unique features are needed to be witnessed.

Dutch fort-Even though It’s called as the Dutch fort, it has more than, 2,000 years old history as archeologists recently have unearthed 2,000 years old Chinese clay pots and 1,500 years old Romanian coins in order to prove the ancient history. Despite the fact that this 22 acres fort badly affected by the bombing, for certain extent it has been renovated.

Famous Library-It’s a pity this world famous library was burnt by the hooligans in the early eighties with more than 97,000 books and manuscripts but tries to provide the esteemed services once again to the needy in the region after it had been reconstructed.

Fishing hubs-Jaffna’s sea food is very delicious as 99% of the catch is pure natural. Mesmerizing crabs, scrumptious prawns, luscious cuttlefish, delectable lobsters etc are exported to many western countries due to the renowned trade mark. The splendid Christian tradition and local cultural touch can be witnessed in the construction of the Catholic and other branches of churches which can be seen in the close vicinity.

Old park-Once used by the British in the past for several administrative purpose and recreation needs now serving as one of the relaxing area for the Jaffna populace.

Nallur temple-Its almost impossible to explain the art and culture of Jaffna without mentioning sculpture and beauty of Nallur temple that has more than 500 years history. The most spectacular cultural and religious place in Jaffna is Nallur temple and this is a must visit destination for a traveler in north and still attracts thousands of locals daily.

15th century relics-The last Tamil ruler, King Sankilian can’t be forgotten by the locals for his adventurous battle against Portuguese, and the latter finally became the first western colonial master in north. Still we could see the relics of buildings which had been built by King Sankilian and maintained by the successive rulers of Jaffna.

Museum-A small museum in the heart of Jaffna encloses sufficient relics, used utensils, manuscripts, unearthed archeological pieces etc to illustrate the rich culture of Jaffna in spite of limited modern resources.

Traditional Jaffna cuisine-At the end of this memorable tour, visitors will be given the chance of tasting the traditional vegetarian or non vegetarian food.