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Cross the Jaffna lagoon to main land

Millennium old Hindu temple in Mannar This is a very ancient temple dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva. It may be the oldest religious site in the island, since there is a reference that it was present when Vijaya, the founder of the Sinhalese race arrived in the island. Religious rituals are believed to have been held almost unbroken for more than 2,500 years. 1,000 years old Chola (South Indian Empire during 10th century) era Shiva lingam and other statues are available to be seen.

Visit Holy Catholic Church of Sri Lanka Shrine of our Lady of Madhu has a very ancient history ,and is visited by people of all faiths, it is surrounded by the Madhu wild life sanctuary and a very calm and quite location you will always find some people here ,during the Madhu church feast it is fully crowded with people.

Sightseeing of Mannar Mannar is a separate island connected by a beautiful causeway to the mainland.It is a fishing island, covered with palmyrah trees on typical white sand. People are back to their normal life after ending the war but war damaged buildings can be seen here and there.The life style of people is very simple, genuine and they are not that corrupted like in the city people in many other parts.

Mannar fort and The Doric at Arippu

The fort in Mannar has rich history embedded in it. Walk around and explore the fort. Some chambers keep you guessing as to what they were used as in the past when the Dutch used to rule the country.

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Many more historical sites