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Karainagar island, Kasurina beach Closest island from the peninsula in the Jaffna district which has the shallow water beach and one of the nicest place to have swimming for locals as well as foreigners.

Keerimalai, millennium old holy spring It has couple of historical stories and one of the famous stories is believed by many locals. There was a princess in South India, Tamil Nadu who was born with a mongoose face. Suggested by her guru, a saint, she reached the shores of Jaffna with the intention of curing her inability. She had found out this holy pond and had a bath and to her surprise, she became a gorgeous lady. This pond is at the tip of the land and only few meters away from the shore, but still it produces sweet water and many people who are suffering from illness bath with a high hope.

Naguleswaram ancient Hindu temple One of the 05 most important Lord Shiva temples in Sri Lanka and its history goes back to thousands of years and it has equipped with a 108’ tower.

1,500 years old, Buddha temples Around 20 Miniature Buddhist temple structures comprises within an acre land and scholars believe these were built 1,500 years back.

Nilavarai, 180’ depth ancient pond One of the religious pond dated backs to centuries old and some stories relate this with Indian epic Ramayana period. Lord Shiva temple can be seen next to this and the water cutting ceremony is celebrated once in a year at this pond. Before the war, water from this pond was used for thousands of acres of agriculture land and still we can see the decades old canals built for that purpose.

Point Pedro

This tour covers Point Pedro beach, one of the nicest sandy beach in Jaffna district. Vast area of soft, perfect sand feels you like real beach and nice place to have swim. Manatkadu : This village close to Point Pedro has plenty of small sand dunes, centuries old abandoned Catholic church due to sand dune, casuarina forest  etc.

Centuries old Vallipuram Hindu temple (largest Vishnu temple in Sri Lanka) with fabulous sculptures on its tower.Visiting Point Pedro light house, reach the Sri Lanka’s northern most point and having a ride on the coastal road.

A Special seas food lunch can be arranged at home on request. This lunch will be arranged at home in Point Pedro to taste the sea food and get the real touch of a natural taste of local cuisine.  Jaffna rice, fish curry, prawn fry, cuttlefish curry, crab fries, 2-3 vegetable curries with pappadam, neem tree flower fry will be served with water bottles. Fruits (mangoes/papaya/banana) will be served depend on the season.

There is a lagoon in Point Pedro where you may witness hundreds of flamingos, pelicans, ibis, spoon bills, painted storks, and several other migrant birds depends on the season and availability.Visit to Atchuveli where Catholic clergies make and sell grape wine for decades.

Many more historical sites